Southern Cross Marine Ltd is the sole UK distributor and supplier of Poly Flex engine mounts and couplings.

Poly Flex

Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd manufactures Engine Mounting Systems and Flexible Disc Couplings. Established in 1981 they have continued to expand both in product range and areas of export. All products are available with DNV Type Approval.

Poly Flex Flexible Disc Couplings are designed to act as a damper between gearbox and propeller shaft to isolate torsional vibration and noise, while still maintaining strength, rigidity and performance. They work in conjunction with the engine mounts by providing the softest element in the shaft assembly to improve performance.

Over 200 models suitable for engines 10 – 2500 HP.

Resilient engine mounts are necessary to reduce the transmission of vibration developed from an engine to the vessel or equipment. Poly Flex engine mounts are designed to have sufficient vertical deflection to obtain the desired vibration isolation, combined with minimum fore, aft and lateral deflection under propulsion and inertial loads due to sea conditions. Moulded from heat cured polymer alloys they are long lasting and oil/fuel resistant.

Over 1600 models suitable for marine, defence, agricultural, mining, industrial and commercial applications with a selection of core hardness ( shore rating ) for engines and generators 10 – 2000 Kg.

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